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Interpretation of Dreams

Episode 42: Interpretation of Dreams

AIR DATES: January 27, February 3, 1992


Joe contemplates a romantic letter from Deb, a [real] female fan. He falls asleep, and a fantasy version of Deb (Joan Polner) appears in his dreams. She starts to seduce him, and then suddenly tries to mutilate him with a pair of scissors. Fortunately, the Dream Police (Kris Hipps) come to the rescue.

A series of people recount dreams of their own, all of them odd but none particularly dramatic.

The Mole fares no better – a less-than-strict Freudian analyst puts him on the couch, and convinces him that he suffers from a pathological fear of colorful neckties

Production Notes:

Joe and Paul concocted a provocative experiment for gathering dream recollections: bring the crew (and friends) over to Joe’s house for a night, monitor their REM sleep, and wake them periodically.

Unfortunately, all they got were a bunch of sleepy monologues.

Camera and Sound: Paul Pomerleau, Dan Margulies, Lana Wildman.

Cast: Joan Polner, Kris Hipps, Hugh Moore, Paul Pomerleau, Michelle Heuer, Diny Von Rudofsky, Jim Magnuson, Joyce Fitzgerald.

Music: Unaccompanied Women.

Relevant Fanmail:

Deb makes Joe dreamy

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