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The Will of the People

Episode 20: The Will of the People

AIR DATES: November 12, 19, 1990


Phone conversations with viewers of “Episode 19: Democratic Television.” The topic: “What do you want to see on television?”

A caller says his favorite word is “Shmoo” so the camera roams the streets and finds twenty strangers to repeat it. In response to repeated urgings to “get out of the basement,” Joe reads the week’s mail outside, by the lakefront (sitting in the same overstuffed chair, of course.)

A woman invites Joe to visit her storefront, leading to the first fan encounter. Another is equally brazen: “this guy Paul, he’s cute. I want to see his butt on TV.”

The camera swings over to Paul, who drops his pants, revealing a talking Butt-Creature which recites Shakespeare (something another viewer asked for.)

Clearly, Joe’s Basement had arrived, as a program with a devoted following.

Production Notes:

Camera and Sound: Katalina Groh, John Terendy, Dan Margulies, Paul Pomerleau, Jonathan Cohler, Mark Gragnani.

Cast: Mark Audrain, Juan Luco, Paul Pomerleau.

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