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Democratic Television

Episode 19: Democratic Television

AIR DATES: October 29, November 5, 1990


To kick off the second season, Joe expands his “recipe” for the show, including “ingredients” such as “Maniacal laughter,” a "mad craving for cigarettes" and “A small, burrowing insectivore.”

This irreverently presented collection of "greatest hits" from Season One was designed to provoke specific suggestions from viewers.

Again, phone numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen and the crew manned those pay phones, and filmed the phone conversations for the following episode.

Production Notes:

During the summer months of repeat episodes, letters trickled in regularly and the first few newspaper articles appeared. This evidence of a following, coupled with the benefits of some time off from the project, fueled the enthusiasm of the show’s producers and led to a period of high productivity.

Camera, Lights & Sound: Dan Margulies, Paul Pomerleau, Katalina Groh, Jonathan Cohler.

Cast: Mark Audrain, Paul Birchall, Kate Olsen, Juan Luco, John Harriman, Paul Pomerleau, Jengis Alpar.

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